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#1 Boss of the Block Cangri by Graycliff

Boss of the Block is a collaborative project between the Graycliff Cigar Company and mu- sical artist P La Cangri. The tobacco roots run deep in Cangri’s Cuban background. Her grandmother taught her about tobacco and was a master cigar roller from Holguin, Cuba. Cangri has been a fan of the late Avelino Lara, former boss of Cohiba, and the Graycliff Cigars, which Lara created together with the Garzaroli family in the Bahamas. Boss of the Block comes in four sizes, which go by the name Big Boss (Gordo), Bull (Toro), Cangri (Torpedo), and El Duro (Robusto). All cigars are sold in 24-count boxes, except for the Big Boss, which comes in 18-count boxes. It delivers a rich smoke with a remarkable aromatic depth and an evolution that is clearly perceptible throughout the smoke. The flavor profile is broad, intense, and balanced. The first puffs release deep notes of dark chocolate, with a hint of white pepper in the background. The cigar is then enriched with vegetal and earthy nuances, together with exotic spices; the latter becomes the protagonist in the central part. The flavor profile changes one more time in the last third, where it turns to rich leather and coffee beans with vegetal nuances and a hint of dark chocolate. Wild peppers are present in the after- taste and get richer in the finale

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