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A Conversation with P LA CANGRI The Xtreme BPM

A Conversation with P LA CANGRI

P La Cangri stands as a paragon of musical diversity and innovation, rightfully hailed as the “Boss of the Block.” Her journey as a Musical Artist, DJ, Entertainer, and Producer has seen her conquer the realms of Latin and urban music, earning her millions of views on YouTube, prestigious accolades, and memberships in both the Latin Grammys and the Recording Academy.Recently, P La Cangri has emerged as a leading figure in the surge of Amapiano and Afrobeats, genres in which she has demonstrated unparalleled expertise. Her ability to master these rhythms has earned her the title of “Queen DJ of Amapiano.” This achievement highlights her remarkable versatility - in the industry, her adaptability is playfully termed ‘disrespectful’ in the best sense. She molds herself and immerses her soul in whatever genre is required, always seeking to elicit the utmost response from her audience.As the “Hottest Female DJ Period,” her platinum remixes and DJ franchises like Global Party, Bloke Urbano, and Urban Flow are celebrated worldwide. Her DJ talents shine brightly at her residencies, including New York City’s Bar 13, Manhattan’s 4:20 Lounge, and the renowned Graycliff Lounge in Nassau, Bahamas.Beyond the turntables, P La Cangri’s entrepreneurial spirit thrives. Her music label, Gutierrez Enterprises, supports emerging talents in Latin music. Her ventures such as Boss of the Block, the top cigar brand, and an upcoming line of exquisite beverages, demonstrate her business acumen.P La Cangri, in essence, is more than a musical force; she’s a dynamic, soulful presence, constantly evolving and influencing the music scene and business world. Her title as the “Boss of the Block” is a testament to her undeniable impact and versatility, resonating with audiences and inspiring future generations.

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Mar 19, 2024

Listen Here to Full Interview

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