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Signature Boss of The Block Humidor
  • Signature Boss of The Block Humidor

    Welcome to  the realm of the Boss of the Block with the Signature Tower Humidor, a statement piece that's as much a celebration of art as it is a testament to the cigar connoisseur's lifestyle. This P La Cangri Cigar Special Edition humidor, proudly bearing the Boss of the Block insignia, is a fusion of contemporary art and timeless luxury.

    Dynamic Design: Clad in a mesmerizing array of colors, the humidor features abstract motifs and energetic splashes that reflect the modernity and vivacity of the Boss of the Block brand. The design commands attention and starts conversations, making it a focal point in any upscale lounge or retail establishment.

    Capacious & Versatile: The humidor’s towering structure is engineered to house up to 3000 cigars, with customizable shelves, trays, and drawers. Its design is not just to store, but to showcase—a gallery for your premium cigars that's as space-efficient as it is visually stunning.

    Opulent Details: A top-mounted analog hygrometer, gold-plated lock, and tassel key offer both form and function. The beveled glass doors, bearing the bold nameplate, open to reveal a Spanish cedar sanctuary for your collection, ensuring each cigar is cradled in optimal conditions.

    Craftsmanship & Integrity: Beyond its visual appeal, the humidor is crafted for unmatched durability and cigar preservation, complete with SureSeal Technology and tempered glass. It's a blend of the Boss of the Block's fearless style and unwavering commitment to quality.

    Specifications & Features: Measuring 22 1/2"W x 16 1/2"D x 72"H and weighing 200 lbs., the humidor’s mobility is aided by discreet wheels, making relocation within your space effortless. Inside, two A/C outlets add a layer of convenience, reaffirming its status as a modern luxury for the discerning.

    The Boss of the Block Signature Tower Humidor is not just a utility but a bold declaration of luxury and personality. It's an invitation to store your cigars in a space that celebrates the art of living well, in true Boss of the Block fashion.

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