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Las Delicias

Premium Wines

Explore the captivating flavors and depth of Cangri Wines by Graycliff.


Our premium yet accessible wines are meticulously created to surpass your palate's desires, utilizing top-tier grapes and cutting-edge methods.


Our offerings encompass both Cangri Red and White Wines, each delivering a distinctive and memorable taste journey.


Furthermore, we proudly present our Premium Prosecco, standing toe-to-toe with the most renowned Champagnes. Dive into the Cangri Wines experience today and understand why wine aficionados are embracing our brand.

Red Wine

Vino Rosso

The melding of Sangiovese and Merlot is quite traditional in Tuscany, often yielding wines of remarkable complexity and elegance. The described hints of raspberry and the warm, dry notes are emblematic of this blend.


IWould suggest pairing this Vino Rosso with traditional Tuscan fare such as wild boar ragù or a rich beef stew. The wine's inherent fruitiness and balanced acidity should complement hearty meat dishes and cut through any accompanying fats. Given the history of its terroir, this is a wine that tells a story with each glass, making it an excellent conversation starter at any gathering.


White Wine

Vino Bianco

Trebbiano and Chardonnay together can be quite enchanting. The dryness of the Trebbiano paired with the lush, sometimes buttery or mineral notes of Chardonnay is sure to please many palates.


This wine is versatile and could be paired with a range of dishes from grilled seafood to creamy risottos. Considering its aromatic profile, it would be a treat to have it with a plate of fresh Tuscan pecorino cheese or seafood pasta dishes.



The "Cangri Prosecco" is not merely a sparkling wine; it stands as a monument to luxury and the refined artistry of winemaking. A masterpiece curated by the iconic Sommelier Paolo Garzaroli and the discerning P La Cangri, this Ultra Premium Prosecco is a clarion call heralding a revolutionary era in the world of sparkling wines. Every sip is an entrancing harmony of sweet, fruity, and aromatic notes that beckon you into a realm of jubilant celebration.

Its distinction lies in its exceptional quality, with each bottle being a sublime experience that challenges even the esteemed vintage cuvée Champagnes. The relentless pursuit of perfection, an intricate selection process for the grapes, and an unwavering dedication to upholding the pinnacle of standards come together to create a Prosecco that is a beacon of excellence. It challenges the conventional and takes the sparkling wine experience to unparalleled zeniths.

Cangri Prosecco

The fervent endorsement by P La Cangri, "The best Prosecco I've ever had," is not just an accolade; it's a seal of the unmatched grandeur that awaits in every bottle. When you embrace the Cangri Prosecco, you're not merely savoring a sparkling wine; you are imbibing in a movement, celebrating a drink that shatters norms and epitomizes luxury in the sparkling wine universe.

In a market yearning for fresh innovation, the Cangri Prosecco, with its Extra Dry distinction, emerges as a dazzling beacon. It’s not just its lack of cloying sweetness that makes it stand out—it’s an excellent choice as an aperitif, or to accompany light hors d'oeuvres. Imagine pairing its vivid sweetness with the tingling spice of an Asian shrimp salad or the rich decadence of a spicy tuna tartare. Given the precision in its creation, this Prosecco is not just a drink—it’s an event, a perfect highlight for any sophisticated soiree.

For those who seek the soul of Italy , or yearn for a groundbreaking Prosecco experience, these offerings are not just wines. They are a tribute to winemaking craftsmanship, echoing the rich history and tradition of every vine they spring from. Here’s to the celebration of winemaking, the stories held within each bottle, and the shared moments that make them unforgettable. Cheers!

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